For authors


All projects submitted for publication in Quality Projects in Data Science (QPiDS) will be reviewed for quality by external reviewers.



The major criteria to be met for a quality project, acceptable for publication in QPiDS, are the following:

  • Title, author(s) and date.
  • A short abstract of what you did.
  • Statement of the problems and issues you addressed.
  • Data sources and nature of the data.
  • Method: how you went about doing what you did.
  • Your code, suitably annotated.
  • Results: what you found (keep any long tables, or long lists of graphics, to appendices).
  • Discussion: what it all means, in your view.
  • Recommendations, if any.
  • Bibliography: any sources cited.


Your report should be readable by your proposed audience, and while technically accurate, should not overwhelm a reader with technicalities.


An interested reader should be able to reproduce your results from the data and code given.


Every project published in QPiDs will have an accompanying short author biography (supplied by the author(s)), and an editorial introduction to the project (written by the editors).

Authors should supply a short list of keywords that will assist readers in finding  their project.

Completed projects can be submitted as:

  • PDF files
  • Links to web pages containing the project.

QPiDS encourages authors to include interactive web applications produced as Shiny apps, Jupiter Notebooks or Mathematica CDFs.

Publication frequency

Projects accepted for publication in QPiDs will be published on-line as soon after acceptance as is practicable.

Published projects will be annotated with the date of acceptance: MONTH/DAY/YEAR

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