Quality Projects in Data Science (QPiDS) is an online showcase of projects in data science.

The aim of QPiDS is to provide an online space for people working, or aspiring to work, in data analysis and data science to showcase their data analytic projects.

The principal motivation for QPiDS as a showcase of data science projects is to enhance the profile of current & aspiring data analysts and data scientists to substantially improve their chances of desired employment.

Projects are the life blood of learning.

Working on a data science project,  by yourself or with others, and sharing and showcasing your work online can dramatically increase your chances of getting a rewarding data analyst or data scientist job.

If you tilt the odds in your favor then you must prepare, and working on a project – something you want to share – and then sharing it is an excellent way to prepare.

QPiDS is published in the United States by Krackle LLC

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Creative Commons License
All projects published in QPiDS are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Projects accepted for publication in QPiDs will be published on-line as soon after acceptance as is practicable.

Published projects will be annotated with the date of acceptance: MONTH/DAY/YEAR

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